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Welcome Brothers!

This past January, Brother Murray Eskenazi, Columbia University '56 spoke at the 2011 Archons Academy about what it has meant to him to be a Psi U...


Welcome to the Xi of Psi U's online community. We invite you to visit us often to keep in touch with our undergraduate and alumni events. We also appreciate your feedback. From here, you can inform us of the developments in your lives, make generous contributions to the Xi, and stay connected with your Brothers of the past and present. More than anything, this website is a means for us to better communicate with you.

We strongly believe that our relationship with our alumni brothers is as important to us as are our house clean-up sessions, daily meals at Chique Chaque, and our weekly general meetings where we discuss our daily goings-on. We believe this because what we have in common are the values and legacy of the Xi. After brothers have graduated, we hope that they will stay involved and forever feel a connection to the Xi, a place that has had a profound place in each of our lives.

Our goal is to constantly have your presence be felt, to keep in touch with our hundreds of alumni across the country through events, programs, publications and literature; and to fundraise so as to support the Xi in its academic, extracurricular, social, cultural, administrative, and facilities goals.

We hope you enjoy this site made possible by your generosity.