For Prospective Members

Prospective Members:


Welcome to Wesleyan University, an academic institution with a profound reputation for offering unique possibilities. With the enthusiasm of each incoming freshman class comes a distinct energy and academic exertion that makes our school a meaningful experience. At the heart of campus, Psi Upsilon Fraternity beams with excitement every fall. The first few weeks of school offer a time when brothers can have fun with the new class, get to know their peers, and establish friendships that can last a lifetime. If you have been around the brotherhood at all during this time, you probably have a good snapshot of who we are. Allow me to delve a little deeper to give you a clearer illustration of what our fraternity is all about.

The Xi Chapter of Psi Upsilon has a rich history. Established in 1843, the Xi Chapter celebrates its 165th anniversary this year. Our chapter house at 242 High Street was actually the first building ever constructed for use as a fraternity house (est. 1893). It boasts twenty-two of the nicest rooms on campus-- all singles. Our main hall has become one of the premier venues on campus for social events, providing flexibility for everything from dance parties to food fairs. The house includes smaller common areas, a library on the third floor, and dining facilities where meals are served twice a day.

Psi U has more to offer, however, than material benefits. Through our experiences on the Wesleyan campus we strive to instill our brothers with four guiding virtues: personal responsibility, virtuous character, pursuit of wisdom, and service to others. By revolving all that we do around these values, our fraternity hopes to foster individual growth and maturity in its members so that they may become leaders after graduation from Wesleyan. We have a long tradition of strengthening values in our members, and are proud of the positive impact that our alumni affect in the world. We have a tendency, in other words, of producing extraordinary gentlemen. Written in the 1844 version of the Constitution of Psi Upsilon Fraternity, "the object of our fraternity is the union of all of its members for the promotion of the highest moral, intellectual, and social excellence." The Psi U brother takes this declaration to heart and uses what he learns to benefit others by being a valuable member and a leader in the Wesleyan community.

This is but a sketch of what Psi U is all about. If you are interested in learning more about our fraternity, please bring your questions to any of us. We can be found in all aspects of student life, ranging from the classroom to student government and varsity athletics. Always feel comfortable approaching any of us with your questions as we will be delighted to answer them. I encourage you also to come down to our house for a meal (served at noon and six o'clock on weekdays) or to come to one of our rush events.