Community Service Rejuvenated

Chris Higel-McGovern '15

Chris Higel-McGovern ’15 (pictured above), after a slight dearth in community service last semester, has begun to revive what is one of the most important positions in the house. As community service chair, he led the house’s first organized trip to MacDonough Elementary School today. Weekly jaunts to MacDonough have been led by community service chairs in the past, and it is great to see the tradition return. Chris, along with brothers Jaime de Venecia ’15, Ali Shajrawi ’15, Keenan Burgess ’16, Will Warren O’Brien ’16, Michael Friedrich ’17, and Jack Reuter '16, drove to the elementary school today to “help facilitate outdoor activities” (i.e. play with the kids at recess). It was a lot of fun; everything went well. Chris plans to keep making the trips every Friday. He has also created a Xi Relay for Life team which we will all be joining, and he is working out a fundraising goal for us to all contribute to. It looks to be an active semester in community service, and Chris, who is open to ideas, will hopefully have more projects to come.