Xi Chapter Elects Simon Riker as Archon

Archon Simon RikerI was born and raised in Rye, NY, where my family has lived in the same house for thirty-four years.  I attended Rye High School and co-founded an a cappella group, served as president of the Parsons Street Players, earned the rank of Eagle Scout, and participated in the Junior Statesmen of America.  At Wesleyan, I found myself in a situation to start another a cappella group, and Slender James was born.  I've found work in the area, as a Choral Scholar at Center Church in Hartford and musician for Catholic Mass in the Memorial Chapel. Arguably, however, my biggest presence on campus has been through Psi U.  I pledged in Fall of 2010 and was determined from the start to improve the fraternity however I could.  I've served as Alumni Relations Chair, and most recently as Vice President under Archon Reiss Clauson-Wolf.  

I'm double majoring in Sociology and Music, which capture my two greatest interests: people, and sound.  The two loves are separate (I have no ethnomusicological aspirations), but both dear to my heart.  If asked today, I could not tell you if my place in five years will be on Broadway, Madison Avenue, or Washington D.C., but I understand that I'm incredibly lucky even to have the choice.  The past twenty years have been an experiment in taking life one step at a time, seeking opportunities, and grabbing every one by the horns.  I think that's the way to do it.

I don't generally like to talk about myself but I do believe the brotherhood should have the benefit of knowing these things, if they should care to.  I do believe one of the greatest qualities in a leader is humility. So, humbly, I say: