One of our core principles at the Xi is "Pursuit of Wisdom." This begins in the classroom, and we expect our undergraduates to live up to the high academic standards the brothers before them have set. 


Brothers who have made the Fall 2014 Dean's List:

Alexander Nassikas '14

Jonathan Coombs '15

Michael DeLalio '15

Jack Reuter '16

Atreya Sinha '17


Other significant academic achievements:


Jesse Tarnas '16 traveled to Vassar college to speak last October at the 24th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium regarding his research with Seth Redfield, assistant professor of astronomy, on the subject "Searching for Planets around White Dwarf Stars." Jesse also recently got a paper published about his further research in astrophysics.

mellon mays

Felipe DaCosta '15 (top left corner), after being accepted into the Mellon Mays Fellowship program, spoke at a writing and research symposium at Yale in February.